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From pristine corals and great macro life to rare pelagic Thresher sharks Moalboal and Malapascua in the Visayan Sea in the Philippines  Three weeks before our encounter with these magnificent sharks my wife, Gill, and I were preparing to leave London for a diving photographic trip to the Philippine island of Cebu. The first leg of our journey was to Kuala Lumpur; a journey that we have made many times as a result of our love affair with Malaysia. Within minutes of reclaiming our baggage at Kuala Lumpur International Airport we were in a taxi, familiar roadside scenes flashing by as we were whisked to our downtown hotel. The thought of stretching our legs after a long flight was very inviting so after a quick shower we ambled out to explore the bustling Petailing Street evening market. This is a lively place where a confluence of aromatic smells wafted across us on the heavy humid air while a steady stream of traders beckoned us to inspect their merchandise.

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