About Anemonefish

Anemonefish are some of the most recognisable fish on the reef made famous by Pixar’s movie ‘Finding Nemo’. These fish form one of the largest and most important groups of fish on the reef totaling more than 300 different species.

They are found living symbiotically with anemones whose deadly stinging cells in their tentacles provide protection and refuge for the Anemonefish which survive a poisonous fate thanks to a layer of mucus which covers their bodies and protect them from the anemone’s deadly embrace.

Anemonefish, also known as Clownfish, are constantly darting around and in and out of their host and not always easy to photograph. Still, that’s half the photographic fun! They are also very pugnacious and will think nothing of trying to have a peck at a diver’s mask or ears to fend them away from their territory especially when they are¬†looking after their eggs.