I’m a film maker, underwater and commercial photographer, author and digital artist.

My film making career stretches back three decades during which I’ve produced, directed and written storylines and scripts for some of the world’s leading businesses. Along the way my work has been recognised by top international awards that include Gold and Silver winners at the US Film and Video Festivals and World Media Festivals. I’ve also produced several broadcast documentaries.

My true passion, however, is for the amazing diversity of life that lives below the waves. I dive a lot which is made possible by currently being based in the Sultanate of Oman. My new photographic coffee table book ‘Secret Seas’ has been over seven years in the making during which time I have travelled to diving locations in the far north to the far south of Oman. The world below Oman’s waves is spectacular and in some ways unique. Secret Seas, sponsored by OMRAN Group, was published in September 2021 and has sold 1,500 copies

I undertake land-based and underwater commercial photography assignments for a range of clients. In addition, I offer consultancy services for film and documentary productions, corporate visual communications planning and production.

My digital art is inspired by the underwater world and I specialise in painting not just marine life but also land-based animals which rely on the oceans for their survival. My concerns for how Climate Change is destroying life in our precious oceans inspires my art.

And then there’s my writing. My first novel ‘Ripples of Loss’ is set in the dark world of a Venezuelan cocaine cartel and includes some high tempo diving action. My subsequent books are thrillers but move into climate and environmental crimes. My second novel ‘Toxic Rain’ is set in the world of climate criminals. My latest novel, currently in progress, ‘Say hello to the darkness’ follows detective Dax Duggan as he tries to unravel how the ground water of a small town in Washington State USA has been turned into toxic soup.

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